About me

Hello there!

I’m Atte Mäkinen, 24 years old university student from Finland. I study information networks at Aalto University. I finished my bachelor studies in spring 2021, continuing to master studies. Information networks focuses on the interaction between users and digital technologies. Our studies combine the fields of social sciences, business and advanced digital technologies. I’ve studied f. ex. programming, design, communications, industrial engineering and psychology. “Info”, as we call it, feels like a perfect combination of human-centered, organizational and technical aspects of the life around us.

I have a solution-centered approach and I work well also under pressure. I'm at my best in situations where I get to work with different people, to challenge myself and at the same time learn something new. Whatever I do, I do it with the same mentality: if something is worth doing, it is worth doing it well.

My longtime hobby that I’ve turned into a side job is photographing. Within last two years, I have photographed many of the biggest student events in Otaniemi, from Manta’s capping in Kauppatori to 2000 participant parties in Dipoli, Otaniemi. I have specialized in event photography, but I also shoot portraits and documentary photography regularly to magazines and other customers. More about my photography services and photos can be found here.

My professional interests are in IT/project-management and UX Design. I would like to extend my skillset to all sides of management, and measurable, data driven design. Currently I work as a Project Manager in a digital agency Karhu Helsinki, previously having experience in UX Design and digital marketing.

I’m active member of Athene, our guild of Information networks, doing various volunteer roles in our guild and in Aalto University’s student union AYY.

I would like to discuss more about any professional projects or photography work, or just to expand my network. Coffee is on me!