Photographer at your service


I’m Atte Mäkinen, a photographer. Within last two years, I have photographed many of the biggest student events in Helsinki capital area, from Manta’s capping in Kauppatori to 2000 people parties in Otaniemi. I have specialized in event photography, but I also occasionally shoot portraits and documentary photography to magazines and other customers. What are your needs?

I’m at my best doing

  • Annual ball photography
  • Nightclub / festival photography
  • Event photo walls
  • Other types of event photography
  • Photos for magazine use (portraits, documentary etc.)
  • CV / corporate headshot photography

…But I also have broad knowledge from product photography to photographing animals, and my skillset does not restrict to those above

I always bring all equipment I need, including e.g. studio flashes to photo booths. You can enjoy the event without hassling with renting firms, trusting that all important events are captured to amazing memories.

Event photography especially is not about one or two excellent portfolio photos, but the hundreds of memories. Here are also two full galleries including every single photography I delivered to the customer, showing my work behind the portfolio. You can be sure, that I always deliver at least similar set of images from your event, always developing myself and challenging myself creating the best memories possible in the form of photos.

Gallery 1: summer outdoor festival

Gallery 2: student association’s annual ball

If you have any photography needs, you can contact me or via Telegram @ atte_makinen.  I'll promise to get back to you asap!