UI Design – attemakinen.fi


Personal project


I wanted a personal website, that would work as a portfolio for both UX design and photography services, and that would introduce who I am to potential customers and employers. I don’t do active sales via the site.

Design tools used:

Pen&paper scketches

Technical implementation

WordPress, Siteorigin Pagebulder, Siteorigin theme with custom CSS


  • In addition to design, I implemented the website myself using WordPress
  • After a short intro, landing page includes a portfolio, that lists and presents my fields of knowledge
  • Portfolio can be filtered to include only one field of knowledge
  • Separate pages for overall introduction and introduction for photography services can be accessed from the top menu
  • My CV and portfolio as documents can be downloaded from a password-protected page
  • Light SEO-optimization done

Full Design

This site, take a look around!