UX Design – Accountor Finago

I have been working as an UX Design at Accountor Finago Oy from the spring of 2019. Accountor Finago is a software company behind Procountor, the most used financial management system for SME's in Finland, used for everything from basic accounting to payroll and financial reporting for management.

I have mainly been working as a project-level lead designer in a big project that aims to redesign some of the basic accounting tools to make them more flexible for different user groups I have been working as a part of 1-3 Scrum teams at a time, and also a part of requirements engineering team. I have had full responsibility of the design process from user research to sketching, and from UI-mockups to designing and executing customer piloting.

I have also assisted other designers in various other projects, and planning and starting a design system project alongside with all Finago's designers together.

As most of the stuff I work with is not released yet, I unfortunately cannot show my work at Finago in this online portfolio. If you are interested, please contact me atte@attemakinen.fi, and I'll get back to you asap!