UX Design – timeanddate.com


Course work, course in Human-Computer Interaction (bachelor level)

My role

Done alone


Do a PACT-analysis (people, activities, context, techonogies) of  timeanddate.com, and based on that, redesign the front page of the site. Base your design on one of the Norman's Seven Principles.

Design tools used:

Pen&paper sketching, Photoshop

Research tools used

PACT-analysis, analysis based on each of the Norman’s 7 principles, table research

Research findings shortly

Site has both users that are familiar with the site and know what they want to do, and users that come to the site from a search engine for the first time. Site has over 50 activities with the most important ones in the front page. The front page is really crowded with over 30 functionalities. Users are using the site to achieve something else or to find out a simple piece of information, so they don’t want to spend any extra time on the site. Most important activities must be current time and time zones, calendar and calculators, as those are selected for the front page.

Biggest problem of the site is having too much information in the landing page, making it hard to perceive. Therefore out of Norman's 7 principles, I chose “Simplify task structures” to base my design on.


  • To simplify the site, I separated the most important tools to four tabs, and left others out.
  • In the scope of this course work, I didn’t modify the menus, so all tools can still be found from there.
  • Colors used are the same as previously in the menu to make the site feel at least somewhat familiar after such a big change.
  • For each tab, the main function is in the middle, and three other tools are located below it, with photos helping users to quickly scan through the site.
  • Current time was moved to the header of the site.
  • Some smaller adjustments to the layout


Full points from the course work