UX/UI Design – Room Booking Service


Personal project


In Procountor, leading Finnish financial management software, user’s can make their own reporting formulas to f.ex. follow KPI’s or to add more rows to income statement. Based on feedback user’s found it too limited and hard to understand, and many users are scared of doing their own reporting formulas. One part of a bigger project was to redesign the way user created reporting formulas are made.

Design tools used

Pen&paper sketching, mockups in Adobe XD

Research tools used

Table research, own experiences, quick feedback from friends

Research findings shortly

There are two main use cases for room booking app: booking a room in advance, and finding a space that is free at that moment for quick calls etc. Most existing room booking solutions make future bookings easy, but don’t consider the need for finding a space immediately.

Often it is hard to remember where rooms locate, and how are them equipped.


  • Make a separate button for searching rooms that are free at the moment
  • Make an online store –style design that feels familiar
  • Show all useful information of the rooms when selecting, including equipments, picture and a map
  • Mobile and browser friendly design


No measurable results

Design Process